Military Shipment Label (MSL)

Print Mil-Std-129R Compliant Labels for Free

MIL-Comply MSL makes printing the Military Shipping Label (MSL) for defense shipments fast and easy … and free. Comply/MSL is part of Mil-Pac Technology’s industry-leading Comply/Labeling software, a robust highly-tuned defense shipping solution. Labels can be printed on any standard windows printer and many thermal-transfer (roll) printers configured as Windows printers.

Comply/MSL users have no obligation to purchase any other products and can use MIL-Comply MSL on as many PCs and for as long as they desire.

“Comply/ MSL took seconds to install and within a couple of minutes I was printing MSLs for a shipment on my dock. The drop-down lists and ability to pull  addresses from a database make label printing fast and easy.”

Jason S., Reston VA

MIL-Comply MSL is a basic labeling solution providing complete MSL compliance. The science behind the software saves time and eliminates redundant data entry. Some features include:

  • On screen wizards to simplify data entry
  • Drop-down lists & address database to reduce keystrokes
  • Shared data between multiple users
  • Context-sensitive help and integrated technical support
  • Pre-filling address and Mark-For fields with saved data
  • Lookup lists for Unit of Issue and Method of Shipment
  • Data format error checking
  • DLA and Direct Vendor Delivery full support
  • TCN, Required Delivery Date, and Cubes Wizards
  • Support for single line item or multi-pack shipments

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Related MIL-Comply Products

MIL-Comply MSL is part of a suite of software product designed from the ground up to assist DOD Suppliers:

  • Comply/Labeling prints nearly any kind of label required to comply with DOD supplier standards, including over 50 different label formats (with many variations of these formats) such as MSLs, exterior container, intermediate container, unit container, etc. UID (Unique Identification) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) compliance are built in and fully supported. This is a direct upgrade from MIL-Comply MSL.
  • Comply/RFID Load Manager uses label and RFID data from Comply/Labeling and to submit RFID Pack Updates to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), separately from Receiving Reports (DD250 ).
  • Comply/Shipper submits transactions to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) including Receiving Reports, Combos, and Invoices. Full support for RFID and IUID data.